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Our concept

Strengthen strengths

We recognize that each person simply thinks differently and accept this. In addition to strengths, each person also brings weaknesses. And this is crucial to building a strengths-based daycare culture. We use this as an opportunity to adjust the distribution of tasks to the individual involved - children and staff.

Promote team spirit

We are loyal to our own values and the values of the Kita company. Shared values and goals give us orientation in our teamwork. Fair rules and simple conflict resolution are part of our work with the children and with each other.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Trust is a decisive factor in our daycare company. That's why we work with each other at the KiTa and not just together. We pass on information as simply and transparently as possible and take responsibility for our decisions. Mistakes accompany us in the Kita everyday life. We have the courage to reflect on them openly and honestly and to learn from them.

Shape direction

We accept each other as we are. In this way, we promote the development of our own talents both in the child and in the team. Fun in learning accompanies us in everyday life. That is why we continue to grow professionally and personally.


"If you pick your child up clean from daycare today, he or she has not played or learned anything."

Personality development

We work according to the "situation-oriented approach", i.e. we place the interests and needs of the child in the foreground. Thus, the children's living environment is shaped in a self-determined and responsible way within the framework of our daily pedagogical work.
The environment, as well as the daycare center, plays a decisive role in this. To live in an open-minded and cosmopolitan way, to think positively, to accept new challenges and to never give up belong to the values we live in our pedagogical work.
Because we have set ourselves a goal: We want to strengthen the child's positive self-concept.


Our motto is: "It takes as long as it takes."
The KiTas of STARKITA e.V. work according to an in-house acclimatization concept, which is based on the "Berlin Acclimatization Model" and is handed out to the legal guardians during the admission interview.

Language Education

"Language is not everything, but without language everything is nothing",- is a quote from Albert Schmid.
Language is one of the most important key skills that the child will learn in his life. We need language to express our feelings, to explain and understand, to seek help and to make friends.
Special language development games with rhymes, phonics, sentence structure, vocabulary expansion and the mouth motor exercises accompany our daily work in the daycare center.


Our special preschool program always takes place from January of the respective daycare year. All children who start school in the summer take part in the program. The aim is to further strengthen the children's abilities and skills so that the transition between daycare and elementary school can be a successful one.


A project is a longer-term examination of a topic, using different methods. The interests, wishes and ideas of the children are taken into account. We implement both internal and external projects.
The internal projects are always planned and guided by our pedagogical specialists. Such include, among others
o Early musical education
o Mathematical education
o Sensory perception
o Color theory
o Science education
o Art
o Rhythm and movement
The external projects are coordinated by the daycare center management and guided by the external experts:
o Aesthetic education
o Dog school
o Police
o Fire department


The festivals are a part of our pedagogical work, including:
o Winterproof
o Lantern festival
o Summer party
o Carnival
o Kita birthday, etc...
These provide new positive community experiences for both the children and families, as well as for the entire team. This consolidates and strengthens our STARKITA e.V. corporate culture.


Excursions - never without! Because we want everyday life to be an exciting and stimulating experience for the children. Where are we going?
o Zoo
o State Museum
o Sealife
o Nature friend house as Kita trip with overnight stay
o Indoor playground
o Zoo
o Park of the Senses
o Visit to the theater
o Cinema


Anna Streltsina

Anna Streltsina

Natali Berlz

Natali Balz

Tatjana Wisotzki

Tatjana Wisotzki

Kirsten Gleitz

Kirsten Gleitz

Cigdem Sert

Elena Lysyanskaya

Claudia Renita

Dimitri Mezler

Erika bird

Pelin Acar

Dusan Marjanovic

Michelle Lüchtefeld

Aileen Tobolski

Lea Emily Del Gaudio

Alina Raducan

Alina Raducan

Anne Borsig

Michelle Teschner

Regina Vyborg

Regina Vyborg

Angielina Radi

Darlene Hillmann

Sandra Brunnermeier

Sandra Brunnermeier

Melissa Haidar

Maria Bezborodko

Angelina Becker

Angelina Pokrant

Natalia Panafidina

Daniela Morari-Rusu

Liubovi Morari

Mr. Maerz

Waldemar March

Dagmar Rambow

Svitlana Shapinska

Wan-Ho Chek

Marina Pagels

Sarah El-Ghoul

Luc Pascal Jauke

Luc Pascal Janke

Leandra Bals

Janine Baranowsky

Elena Lapikova

Elena Lapikova

Katharina Bresler

Svetlana Ermakov

Caroline Riemer

Marina Blinderman

Marina Blindermann

Anja Schulze

Anja Schulze

Svitlana Ryabukha

Hatice Keser-Akgünoglu

Yana Shumylina

Yana Shumylina

Svetlana Ermakov

Svetlana Khaytsyna

Vitali Panafidin

Vitali Panafidin

Vanessa big head

Irina Ogorodnicov

Irina Ogorodnicov

Alana Schreier

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Cara Owen

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Dale Deja Gerke

Cornelia Kiehne

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Irina Usova

Vitali Panafidin

Vitali Panafidin

Lamyaa Allahib

Lara Aziz

Christina Haack

Ellen Dielmann

Employee interviews

Starkita Anderter Str. 129D

The educator profession was the logical consequence


Kevin works for us as a floater in the Starkita. This means that he provides support wherever help is needed. The 27-year-old is a trained educator. He previously trained as a social education assistant. For him, the step to becoming an educator was the logical consequence of things he likes to do: "I really like to support, I [...]


Irina: Our youngest starchitect


Irina is the youngest Kita manager of a Starkita since August 2020 at the age of 28. Despite her young age, she has a lot of experience in the daycare sector. She started her career at Starkita as a group leader. After three years she took over the deputy Kita management and then when it was announced that a new Starkita would be opened, [...]


Working with children is a vocation


Helene worked for us as a social education assistant in the Mozart group. The 40-year-old originally comes from Kazakhstan. Before coming to Germany, she worked as a primary school teacher.


Single-mindedly to the dream job


Alana is an educator in the elementary sector. The 23-year-old worked towards her dream job at an early age. She had already completed her entrance qualification for a technical college in the social sector. She then trained as an educator and social education assistant.


From internship to dream job as educator


Cara works as an educator in the Monet daycare group. For the 21-year-old, it was clear early on that she wanted to pursue this path: "I've wanted to work with children since eighth grade.


Starkita am Rohgraben 8

Starkita Haeckelstraße 10

Cohesion and support are writ large here


After friends and family advised her to work with children, Michelle completed her training as a social assistant after school and then graduated as a state-certified educator. Since then, she has been working at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and already leads a cross-age group with children between one and six years old.


With helpfulness and a sense of community


Values such as helpfulness and friendliness are very important to Svitlana in her work. Since 2012, the social assistant has been working in the toddler group of our STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and very much appreciates the good cohesion and diversity in our association.


Open the heart - social assistant Svetlana


In her work at the KiTa, Svetlana works with all her heart. The social assistant has been part of our association STARKITA e.V. since 2011. However, before she discovered her love for working in the KiTa, she already completed training as a gymnastics teacher and worked as a piano player. During this time, she also already worked with children, [...]


STARKITA e.V. is like my home


The trained educator Elena has found a home at STARKITA e.V.. She works as a director in our STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and has been with us since the foundation of our association. When she came to Germany from Ukraine 20 years ago, she did not know that she would lead the way for the development of the association [...]


Starkita Podbie 251

Annual surveys STARKITA Podbie - parent feedbacks



Annual surveys STARKITA Anderterstraße - Parents' feedback



Annual surveys STARKITA Podbie



Annual surveys STARKITA Haeckelstraße



I have chosen the STARKITA!



From part-time jobs to group management


Angelina leads the hedgehog group at STARKITA Podbie 251, but at the beginning she was unsure whether she wanted to go down this path at all: Her wish was to become a kindergarten teacher from a very early age. But the training cost a lot of money and at first the twenty-six-year-old was not sure if she was ready to invest in her dream. [...]


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Time Activity
7:30 - 8:00 a.m: Early service (only registered children)
8:00 - 08:45: Bring phase and free play
08:50 - 9:00: Welcome circle (elementary area)
9:00 - 9:30 a.m: Washing hands and breakfast together
10:00 - 10:30 a.m: Morning circle
10:30 - 11:30 a.m: Intensive phase with activities or projects
11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m: Reading circle (elementary level)
12:00 -12:30 pm: Lunch
12:30 - 12:45 p.m: Brushing teeth
13:45 - 15:00: Guided activity or free play and/or sleep phase
3:00 - 3:20 p.m: Tea time
15:20 - 16:00: Pickup phase
Guided activities include English and Russian, sports, early music education, relaxation, baking and cooking day.

Our kitchen

STAR children receive three meals a day in all of our facilities. Breakfast, lunch and tea time are prepared daily by the in-house cook for the children and the pedagogical staff. Our STAR cooks do their own shopping and are therefore responsible for the quality and sustainability of the food.

Also the menu is designed by the STAR cook considering seasonal and regional resources. The kitchen and the food are regularly inspected by "Food Control and Central Office Hanover".

Children have uninterrupted access to drinks.

star kitchen



Support from you, dear parents, is an essential part of STARKITA e.V. life. Each of our daycare centers has its own STAR parent advisory board, which is an active and committed organization. Through this formal way you support your own institution. They help organize and carry out projects and events to promote their daycare and raise funds for their daycare.

Thus, you dear parents can be involved in the enrichment process of your child's development by participating in the STAR Parent Advisory Council. Even as a non-member of the STAR Parents' Advisory Council, you informally help the pedagogical team through your participation in various children's activities. This can be done both in and outside of your daycare. Just ask your group educator about it!

We offer you targeted parent meetings, both planned and spontaneous. This is what distinguishes the close cooperation between STARKITA e.V. and you.

Your opinion

Dear children, parents and employees, your positive opinion about our cooperation strengthens our team spirit. Please encourage your "STARKITA e.V." with your praise!

Your opinion as constructive criticism is gladly reflected within the framework of our "STAR Complaint Management". Because we see every complaint as a stimulus to permanently question our work and thus as an invitation to become better. A positive attitude in this process leads decisively to active action and joint success. This is expressed through a respectful and error-friendly atmosphere. Communication is made simple and transparent for all involved.


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