About Starkita GmbH

Cohesion and support are writ large here

After friends and family advised her to work with children, Michelle completed her training as a social assistant after school and then graduated as a state-certified educator. Since then, she has been working at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and already leads a cross-age group with children between one and six years old.

All roads lead to STARKITA e.V.

By chance, Michelle ended up at STARKITA e.V. again after her training, and without her knowing it. She already did her internship during her training as a social assistant at the Podbie daycare center. It was only during her job interview at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 that she realized that she had already worked at the same organization. She was all the happier to be offered another position at the association.
But not everything always runs perfectly in every daycare center. After Michelle was not one hundred percent satisfied in the first daycare center after her training, she turned to the board. Here she was listened to and given attention. After joint discussions, she was sent to STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 after only a short time and feels welcomed and comfortable here.
But it is not only the good contact with the board that is decisive for the 23-year-old. Cohesion and support are also very important within the daycare team. Despite different qualifications, all colleagues are treated equally in her daycare center.

Nobody sees the tasks in the background!

The cliché about educators par excellence: They only drink coffee! Most educators are completely unaware of how many different tasks and what kind of stress they often face.

After the early morning meeting in the team around 8 a.m., there are different tasks, depending on the day of the week. In addition to the reading circle, handicrafts and the time when the children can play freely, the children are offered different AGs. These also have to be organized and carried out by Michelle and her colleagues. She herself leads an English workshop that takes place weekly with children between the ages of four and six.

In doing so, the accredited educator must above all be flexible, creative and spontaneous, while imparting important values to the children. It is particularly important to her that the children become independent and learn loving and respectful interaction with each other.