About Starkita GmbH

Single-mindedly to the dream job

Alana is an educator in the elementary sector. The 23-year-old worked towards her dream job at an early age. She had already completed her entrance qualification for a technical college in the social sector. This was followed by training as an educator and social pedagogical assistant. "I always wanted to work with children. That was always my greatest wish," she says. "Then I did an internship at the hospital on the Bult from school. That once again confirmed my choice. It was clear to me that I wanted to work as a kindergarten teacher."

"A great team"

It wasn't just the short commute that convinced Alana. Above all, she was attracted by Starkita's unconventional concept. Starkita places a lot of emphasis on diversity: "It's important to me that the children understand that everyone is different. And that they help each other if one of the children needs longer for a task," says Alana.
The many freedoms for the children and also the educators are something special, Alana tells: "We have the opportunity to work in a variety of ways, and the children can develop freely." She also finds the working environment very pleasant: "We employees get along very well. We are a great team in which everyone supports the others."

Education and upbringing are in the foreground

Today, Alana works as a group leader in the beginners' group. "So I also have a lot of organizational stuff to do on the side. Like keeping the group book, preparing talks, thinking about how to structure things or what else could be planned." But the most important thing for Alana is education and educating the children: "Most people underestimate the profession of educator. They don't realize that education is an important part of it."
Alana builds on empathy and reliability: "I have to be able to rely on the children, just as they can rely on me."

The children's laughter is motivation

Alana loves her job even on stressful days, "When the kids are happy and having fun, I'm fine too."