About Starkita GmbH

"Our festivals are a special highlight!"

Ylenia is a floater and educator at STARKITA Podbie 251. Initially, she had started an apprenticeship in a lawyer's office, but then decided she wanted to do something else. Besides changing pedagogical tasks she also takes over many housekeeping tasks in STARKITA Podbie 251.

Via temporary employment to the Starkita

The 25-year-old Yelina started working as an educator at a temporary employment agency and eventually came to us. She was particularly impressed by our working atmosphere and the teamwork. Compared to other daycare centers, she finds "the quality management and structured work something special. In her work, she attaches great importance to teaching the children to be independent. Another focus for her is non-violent conflict resolution.

Festivals are special

Ylenia sees another special feature compared to other daycare centers in the festivals that we hold regularly throughout the year: "Our festivals are a special highlight! I've already been able to take part in the summer festival, but not yet the winter festival or the festival of lights, but when I see the effort that goes into it here, it's really something special." Overall, she finds the commitment of everyone in the team very great: "A lot of effort is made here so that the children can feel good."

Many underestimate the responsibility of educators

Ylenia also emphasizes how much responsibility actually lies in the hands of educators. "The responsibility is underestimated by many people outside the field. The number of children in a group brings with it enormous responsibility, and you have to be able to provide a good education," emphasizes the 25-year-old. She also emphasizes the huge amount of work that goes into the Starkita: "Even the planning of such festivities involves an enormous amount of time and effort, and I think many people underestimate that."