About Starkita GmbH

"You're not left alone."

After her training as a social assistant, Anna went on to train as an educator. She took her final exams at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10, and since 2016 she has been working at STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8 and is now the deputy head of her group.

Like a big family

Anna is fully committed to her work as a nursery school teacher every day. It's not just the children she's responsible for who make her feel that way. She is also particularly enthusiastic about the entire facility and the way people interact with each other. Open and transparent interaction and good communication are important to everyone here. A family atmosphere is very important in the entire association. And that applies not only to professional matters, but also to private matters.

"You spend a lot of time with your colleagues at work, so I really appreciate the fact that we are like a family here. You're not left alone."

Isn't it exhausting with so many children?

Working with so many children at once can be nerve-wracking. But for Anna, it is never exhausting. For the question she is asked most often, whether it is not exhausting to deal with so many children at the same time every day, she always has the same answer: No! "It is not exhausting. If you love your job and enjoy doing it then nothing is actually exhausting for you."

The myth 'educator

Educators actually only play games with the children and drink tea or coffee all day. "That's the myth in the first place!"But there is so much more to the job. Educators are not only responsible for taking care of the children. Education is also in their hands, as well as the expansion of skills and abilities.

The responsibility lies with us

What is particularly important to Anna about her work: the responsibility she bears. Every day she has fun and enjoys her job, and yet she is always aware of the tasks she is tackling. It is especially important to her to give the children honesty and trust along the way. But she also tries to convey appreciation and self-confidence to the children. She is also supported by the concept of the entire daycare center in helping the children understand what it means to be independent.

Stress is part of it - Even in the most beautiful moments

Even though every day is great for Anna, the special experiences still stay in her head. There are a few of these in the meantime. The big excursions with the whole group, for example to Mellendorf or to the Friends of Nature House, are not just fun for the children. In addition to all the fun, they also cause the educators stress at times. The entire preparation and organization is in their hands, and the children's excitement during the excursion can also lead to stressful situations. But the shining eyes of the children make them forget this very quickly!