About Starkita GmbH

From January the preschool program starts in all STARKITA`s at the same time

The preschool

The preschool starts as every year in January 2021 with all preschool children. It takes place weekly on Fridays during the morning period and is conducted by the daycare management. Within the framework of this project, the expectant pupils deal with a number of topics. Six educational areas are covered: Practical Life Skills; Language Development; Cognitive Development; Auditory Development; Motor Development; Visumotor Skills; Basic Mathematical Comprehension.
Different lessons are given, the children are given the opportunity to develop in the area of their needs, interests and certain standards. Themes such as logical thinking, different shapes and numbers, themes such as my family, my environment, my clothes and my food are used to support language development.

The letter salad has now an end! *STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8
Our diligent preschoolers have successfully completed the topic of writing and recognizing letters. Finally, in the last lesson, we reviewed the entire alphabet together and compared it to many different materials from our environment.

The future students also experience responsibility; they receive weekly homework assignments and are allowed to complete them at home together with their parents.

An exciting adventure is about to begin! We are looking forward to it!