About Starkita GmbH

From internship to dream job as educator

Cara works as an educator in the Monet daycare group. For the 21-year-old, it was clear early on that she wanted to pursue this path: "I've wanted to work with children since eighth grade. That's when I did an internship in a kindergarten and even then I said to myself: that's what I want to do in my life!" Following her training as a social education assistant, she completed training as a kindergarten teacher. She came to Starkita as part of her training: "I did an internship at Starkita on Podbielskistraße. When my colleague Irina told me there was a vacancy here, I then applied for the job."

The children are her reason for getting up in the morning

Cara takes on a wide variety of tasks in the group. "From changing diapers to the welcome circle in the morning, I do a lot. Eating lunch together, putting the children to bed, everything that goes with a day at the nursery." The focus for Cara and her colleagues is on children's development. They encourage the children with a variety of craft activities.
Cara loves her daycare children. "Even though they can be little monsters sometimes, they are always really cute. They're the reason I get up every morning motivated to go to work."

The profession is underestimated

The profession of educator is often underestimated by other people. "Many people think we just play with the children all day and ask me why I'm tired after my work. But it's so much more than just playing." Cara also tells us that many people can't understand why she wants to have children of her own, too. After all, she would already spend eight hours a day with the daycare kids. Even though it sometimes gets hectic with 15 children around her, Cara never gets enough of her work. The children simply fascinate her: "Lately, for example, settling in with 15 children has been a special experience for me. It's amazing how quickly children can develop a relationship with people. Settling in is already something special."

Courtesy and strength of character are important

Cara's goal is to build the children's character and help them develop. "I want to instill in them to never give up. No matter what it is, they should always keep trying." However, good fellowship should not be neglected. "I especially want to teach the children courtesy. Saying please and thank you is very important to me."