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"The Nutcracker" delights children and families.

On December 17, the stage in the Norbert Praager Hall of the Jewish Community K.d.ö.R. Hannover was transformed into a colorful theatrical landscape. 65 children from three groups of the daycare center STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 took part in the play "The Nutcracker". The project was organized by the supporting association STARKITA e.V. in cooperation with design studio "art studio FAEL".

The participating children, aged 1 to 6, rehearsed for three weeks with the educators of the KiTa facility. They tried out new exercises, learned about different materials and new music. "They were with a great joy and with a lot of fun. Preparing for the big performance on the real stage is always a special event for our children," says director of STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 Ilona London.

The project "Winter Theater" was initiated by the chairwoman and pedagogical management of the supporting association. Costumes and masks were made together with the children. Texts were created by their own hands and rehearsals were held on stage under their professional direction. On the evening of the performance, around 130 visitors came to join in the celebration of this special KiTa annual event. Among them were also families with small children, who were on site as guests. After the successful performance, all the children enjoyed their winter gifts.

A big thank you goes to the Jewish Community of Hanover, which supported the project by organizing the stage performance.