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Project: Experience nature with the children, because there is always something new to discover

As part of the project, the children can take responsibility for plants and animals in the "garden" habitat. This promotes respect for nature. In the kitchen garden, the children can explore and discover several elements and experience them with all their senses. Likewise, the children will learn a healthy diet that is self-produced.

Using pictures, we learn about new plant species that we will plant during the project. The children get the opportunity to look at the seeds of the specific plants and see which plant will grow from them. Afterwards, we discuss in plenary what conditions the plants need to grow. In this way, practical skills are promoted and social skills are strengthened. We build and design a common raised bed to plant fresh fruits and vegetables. With the children we put up an insect hotel to observe the different insects that are interested in the plants. We also set up a bird house to look at the birds and possibly learn about new species of birds. In this project, the children get a chance to experience for themselves where fruits, vegetables and different types of plants really come from. The handling of the crop tools promotes the children's motor skills.