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Project "Fairy tale about the snowman - feeling/hearing/seeing" at STARKITA Haeckelstr. 10

Sensory perception is fascinating for young children in the nursery. Therefore, the topic "Fairy tale about the snowman - feeling/hearing/seeing" is very suitable as a project for children under the age of three. With the perception of the different senses, the children can make direct experiences and playfully they learn little by little how different surface textures. The goal of the pedagogical staff is to get to know the sensory perception through feeling, hearing and seeing, and to gain new experiences through play.

The project is introduced by reading aloud the story of the snowman. The house and the story are additionally visualized by the self-made little house. The little house is just in the morning circle, during the reading aloud, from child to child.
The sensory perception of children was and is important and necessary for the full development of children especially at the age of under three years. Sensory perception is the development of the child's perception and the formation of ideas about the most important properties of objects, their shape, color, size, location in space, as well as their smell and taste. In this project, it is promoted through painting and gluing and the templates of the snowman and the house. For gluing, materials with different surface texture are used, such as rice, absorbent cotton.