About Starkita GmbH

Project: "Yoga for children in the STARKITA's".

The benefits of yoga have long been known to almost everyone. With the help of this ancient teaching you can achieve absolute balance of body and mind. Most often, however, yoga is spoken of in the context of adults. And what about children? Can they do yoga and will it do them any good?

Asanas in yoga for children are very different from those for adults. In children's yoga, a lot of time is spent on mastering active exercises for body development. Yoga causes a general strengthening of the body and psyche, which is exactly what a growing body needs.
Children are exposed to noise and multiple stimuli, including in a daycare center. However, moments of rest give children a chance to let go of stress. Children who are particularly energetic gain important experience in feeling that moments of rest can also feel good. We want to give the children in the KiTa an experience of beneficial rest and relaxation to take with them on their journey through life. So that they develop a sense for themselves (emotions, sensual perception) and their needs.