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Red, yellow, green, blue - Project month for the little ones at STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8

March is colorful in the Seelöwengruppe, because our project color theory lets us dive into the world of colors. With the help of many colorful balloons, our daycare children learn about the primary colors in a playful way. The focus is on discovering and marveling together. The children's creativity is encouraged and stimulated through simple, imaginative activities. The colorful project is led by our pedagogical specialist Ljalja. In four varied units, colors are learned and mixed, a lot of blotting and experimenting is done, until in the end a large colorful bouquet of balloons blossoms out of it.

Step 1: Getting to know the basic colors

The children watch excitedly as Ljalja fastens a colorful bouquet full of balloons above our children's restaurant. First, the balloons are named by color. To strengthen the understanding of colors, Ljalja fills finger paints in red, green, blue and yellow into different containers and asks the children which color it is. Now we try an interesting painting technique, the balloon printing technique. In this technique, a balloon is dipped into the paint and pressed onto a sheet of paper. This is a magical way to create colorful works of art At the end of this step, we all sing the song " A big, a round, a red balloon".

Step 2: Mix colors

What actually happens when we mix colors together? What color is created when we mix red with blue, for example? Together with Ljalja, our children try this out in the second step. Our balloon printing technique is used again. The children have a lot of fun mixing the different colors and dipping their balloons into the newly acquired colors like orange or purple. And the result? A color explosion that was a lot of fun and produced beautiful pictures.

Step 3: Make chocolate shells with the help of balloons

Chocolate and balloons, how does that go together? In this step, Lajlja has prepared a particularly sweet experiment that not only promotes visual perception, but also awakens the children's sense of taste. A balloon is named by color and dipped in melted chocolate, twisted a bit and placed on a baking tray. This creates a delicious chocolate shell after cooling, into which we add colorful chocolate lentils. Exciting! ! Colorful and delicious!

Step 4: A colorful bouquet of balloons

In the last part of our color project, we used our artwork from the first two steps. To do this, we worked together to cut out many colored frames in the shape of balloons. The children's artworks with balloon printing technique, which were created in the first two units of the project, are now glued together into the frames, so that many small, colorful balloons come out of it. Each balloon gets its own ribbon and becomes a part of the joint balloon bouquet.
The colorful work of art of the sea lion group is finished.
Of course, this will also have a special place in our STARKITA Am Rohgraben.