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Sum, sum, sum bees sum around!

Step 1: Where does the honey come from?

In this step, the children meet in a circle and talk about their encounters with honey. Questions such as: Do you know what honey tastes like? Where does honey come from? How is honey produced? etc, are explored playfully in a small quiz.

Step 2: The bee comes out of her house.

"The bee comes out of her house" is a finger play about a bee that flies out into the wide world. There she lands on different kinds of flowers and waits there for a while. Afterwards she makes her way back home. It is a finger play for young and old.

Step 3: How does the little honey bee live ?

In the picture book "How lives the little honey bee " is about the honey bee and its dwelling. It shows children how the hive is formed and how the honey is produced there. The book is explored with the children and they get to know the honey bee.

Step 4: The honeycomb and the bees

In the last step, the children make a honeycomb and a bee together with the teacher. The knowledge of the children is consolidated one last time and the handicrafts are then taken home.

More pictures to follow....