About Starkita GmbH

Turning friends into colleagues...

STARKITA e.V. is growing as a place of endless possibilities. In order for you and your colleagues to continue to provide the high quality of work you are accustomed to, our teams must also continue to grow. That is why we are looking for motivated and committed employees. For every pedagogical specialist you recruit, you will receive a bonus of 300,- €.

What do you need to do?

Motivate friends, acquaintances or relatives to switch to STARKITA e.V.! Make them aware that their application must include a reference to you as the recruiter. When sending a written application by mail or e-mail to our administration, include the following sentence in the cover letter or e-mail text: "Application on recommendation of an employee". By post, the application can be sent to the administration at Haeckelstr. 10, 30173 Hannover. The personal contact person for applications is Ms. Irina Panich.

For applicants...

STARKITA is represented in four locations in Hanover. You can view our current job advertisements at any time on our homepage at www.starkita.de. Even if none of the open positions matches your qualifications, we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application. When applying, don't forget to mention the person who recommended STARKITA to you, with the note:
"Application on recommendation of a co-worker".

Your premium...

The applicant goes through the usual selection process. If the pedagogical specialist recruited by you is hired and remains in employment for at least 6 weeks, a bonus of 150,-€ will be paid out. If the recruited pedagogical professional stays in the job for another 6 weeks or 3 months in total, another bonus of 150,-€ will be paid.

Who is eligible for premiums?

An award entitlement only arises if the recommendation note is submitted together with the application.
There is no entitlement to employment of the recommended applicant.
The specialist entitled to the premium must be employed by STARKITA e.V. at the time the premium is paid.
Excluded from the premium payment are employees who are involved in the application process, such as employees of the personnel department, administration, senior managers.

Help us and recommend us to your friends and acquaintances who are looking for a job or want to change their career. It is worth it!