About Starkita GmbH

"With love for the job."

At the age of 28, Irina has already achieved a lot. Born in Moldova, she moved to Germany with her family 23 years ago. With a few detours, she finally found her way into her profession and is now an educator with heart and soul.

From office communications clerk to daycare center manager

Irina's interest in pursuing the profession as an educator came late, despite her current passion. Before that, she began training as an office communications clerk, but decided after just nine months that it wasn't a good fit for her. Her love of children and the career path of her family brought her closer to her dream job. Her mother, sister and aunt are also educators. So Irina also subsequently completed training as a social assistant and then, in 2017, as a kindergarten teacher.

Since graduating, Irina has taken over the management of a group in the elementary sector and has been deputy head of the daycare center for a year. But that's not all. Now she has received a current offer to take over the management of the new daycare center.

Educators are not just chaperones

During her daily tasks, such as the morning circles with the children, going for walks in the forest or handicrafts, Irina also has organizational tasks with her position as deputy head of the daycare center. She is not only responsible for childcare, but is also the first point of contact for the parents of the little ones and the preparations for festivals and projects are also in her hands.

"Being an educator is not just sitting around drinking coffee, as many people think! It's not just about taking care of children and keeping an eye on them."For Irina, it's much more about supporting and educating the children. The most important thing for her: Giving the children a sense of community. The children should be open-minded and honest and, above all, learn acceptance and respect.

How can you stand it?

The questions Irina is most often asked by outsiders: How can you stand it and how can you stay so tough with 25 children? The children themselves are the biggest incentive for the educator. The opportunity to accompany the little people on a part of their life's journey and to be able to shape, educate and train them is something very special for her. "This is my passion. I love the job and I wouldn't change this profession for any money in the world."

A family at work

Irina has now been with STARKITA e.V. for three years and feels more than comfortable there. Right from the start, the educator was well received and, like every other colleague, has a say. "You're like in a small family and know exactly that you can get in touch if you have questions or problems." And she is also aware of her opportunities in the association. After all, not everywhere does one get the opportunity for such career advancement with her professional experience.