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With helpfulness and a sense of community - Svitlana, 41, STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10

Values such as helpfulness and friendliness are very important to Svitlana in her work. Since 2012, the social assistant has been working in the toddler group of our STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and very much appreciates the good cohesion and diversity in our association.

Via an internship to the dream job

In her home country, Ukraine, Svitlana learned the profession of a primary school teacher and worked for five years as a kindergarten teacher. Thus, Svitlana already had several years of experience when she came to Germany with her family in 2003. She wanted to practice her profession here as well and therefore wanted to have her education recognized. In February 2010, the time had come and the trained elementary school teacher contacted STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 in search of an internship. Soon after, she was able to start her six-month internship.


During her internship at the KiTa, Svitlana quickly fit in and felt welcomed right away. "I was very happy, but my German was not so good. The colleagues were very friendly and helpful. Then I was offered to train there as a social assistant." So Svitlana started her training as a social assistant and continued to work for us at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10. "In order to be able to work in the kindergarten, I saw no other option than to do the training. "Her initial worries about her German language skills quickly subsided, as colleagues and supervisors gave her a lot of encouragement and offered help.

Learn and have fun

After only one year, Svitlana was able to complete her training as a social assistant, as her learned profession was recognized. She has been working in the toddler group at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 since 2012 and is completely absorbed in her job. "I love children and I enjoy my work. "Svitlana finds it very nice to observe how the children develop and learn every day. For her, it is very clear that educators contribute a great deal to children's development and that the profession is very important. In her role as a social assistant, Svitlana wants to teach the children to be friendly, social and helpful from an early age. Building a sense of community is also very important to Svitlana in her work at the KiTa. She and her colleagues at STARKITA e.V. exemplify these values to the children every day.

Many excursions

Colorful diversity. That's the program at our association, and that's also the way everyday life is at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10. There's a lot of singing, playing and music, and Svitlana particularly likes the fact that STARKITA e.V. always organizes lots of excursions. For example, every year the children go to the Friends of Nature House, which is always a very nice event. All in all, the social assistant has only positive things to say about her work and is very satisfied at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10: "Everything here inspires me and I'm very happy."