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Project "Children like to move, no matter when, where and how!" STARKITA Podbie 251" at STARKITA Podbie 251

The goal of the project "Zumba KIDS" is to promote the social-emotional, cognitive as well as physical development of children through a combination of movement, music and play, supporting their natural interest and joy in movement. The project is run by Liz de Haro.

Step 1:What is Zumba?

In the first step of the project, the children will get to know Zumba as a dance sport. Within the framework of a morning circle, the children will be given an opportunity to present their own conception of music and dance. In conversation, the individual terms will be explained in a child-friendly way and their connection to Zumba will be brought closer with the help of dance videos.

Step 2: "Stop dance" as a playful introduction

The game "Stop dance" is a good preparation for a Zumba choreography, which playfully encourages children to move with fun, develops concentration and coordination skills and creativity of children. In this game, children express their imagination and creativity with the improvised movements while the music is playing and freeze to ice when the music stops.

Step 3:Zumba sound game

Through this activity, children's concentration and cognitive development are enhanced by linking Zumba movements to the sounds of musical instruments. Four Zumba movements will each be associated with the four musical instruments known to the children. Orientation will be through auditory perception as the children dance the matching Zumba movement upon hearing the sounds of a musical instrument.

Step 4:We dance Zumba

Now the acquired knowledge and the children's joy of movement are put into practical practice, as the children learn a Zumba dance step by step and practice the choreography for it. In the process, individual dance sequences are presented more frequently for optimal understanding.