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Annual surveys STARKITA Podbie📝

"The educators always have an open ear and take the time to address parents' concerns in a friendly and approachable manner. As a parent, you always feel welcome and valued. The parent talk was very individually and clearly prepared and the feedback on the child's development was comprehensive and very easy to understand. Parents are involved in planning and projects at an early stage. For example, the annual plan that is given out helps immensely with family planning. Basically, you also feel very welcome as a parent in the drop-off and pick-up situations and everyone approaches you in a friendly manner." - Julia

"We appreciate the dedicated work of the STARKITA staff, which makes it possible to realize many exciting and varied projects and activities for the children. Due to the open communication with the staff, including personal concerns about the child and its development, we feel very well taken care of as a family." - Marcus and Anne

"Our son is in very good hands here! Comes to his STARKITA every morning with a smile. From the acclimation until today we see how great our child has developed. The caregivers and educators are TOP! They care, are creative, committed and loving in dealing with the little ones. The numerous festivals and special occasions for the children were also great diversions from the daily routine at the daycare center. The entire team is simply indescribably great. A heartfelt thank you to everyone!" - Maja and Antonio