About Starkita GmbH

"I can't imagine any other profession for myself."

The idea of working with children first came to Jasmin during an internship she completed as part of her training as a social assistant. Today, the 24-year-old is an educator at Starkita. "In the meantime, I can't imagine any other job for myself," she says. "Even my first impression of Starkita was super. The atmosphere here is so familiar."

The multicultural concept is progressive

Besides the nice team and the consistency that comes with a fixed group, the multicultural approach convinced Jasmin from Starkita. She finds it very important to teach the children values like tolerance and openness. "The children should be open with everyone, no matter where the person comes from or what they look like. Conceptually, you're very progressive here."

The job as a group leader is demanding and varied

The varied tasks as a group leader at Starkita are also a plus for Jasmin. "Of course, my tasks primarily include many educational things, such as leading craft projects and sports lessons or singing together. In addition, I conduct many parent meetings." The variety of tasks also makes her job demanding, but that's the only way to develop, says Jasmin.

The profession of educator is underestimated

In society, there is often a lack of awareness of the pedagogical value of daycare and the challenges that daycare teachers face. Jasmin often has to deal with statements such as "Playing and doing handicrafts can't be that exhausting. She says, "The profession is often talked up."

The Friends of Nature House is an annual highlight

Under normal circumstances, the daycare center's daily routine holds many special highlights in store. These include, for example, a two-day excursion to the Naturfreunde Haus in the summer or the joint celebrations. "You often have the opportunity there to get to know the parents a little better and build up contact with them," says Jasmin. Because of the Corona pandemic, however, these activities could not take place as usual last year. Jasmin said the cancellation hit hard. "You could definitely tell something was missing. The trip to the Friends of Nature House is always a nice way to end the day before the children go to kindergarten. It's too bad it didn't work out this year."