About Starkita GmbH

Helpfulness, care and love

After school, Angielina decided to follow her dream and help with the education of children. First, she did a lot of internships in this field, including at the kindergarten where she grew up. Afterwards she trained as a social pedagogical assistant at the Anna-Siemsen-School in Hannover. After 2 years on maternity leave, it was clear to her that she wanted to return to work. Since August 10, 2020, she has been employed as a social pedagogical assistant at the Starkita Buchholz-List.

A good place for your own child

After her maternity leave, the twenty-three-year-old knew she really wanted to work. While looking for a suitable position, she came across a Starkita job ad on the Internet. A clear advantage that Angielina recognized even then: Employees* own children could be included here. "Of course, that was perfect for me and my little one." But the two are not in the same group. "That would be a bit too stressful for us, she would be attached to me all the time," she says with a twinkle in her eye.

Children should respect each other

The Starkita reflects our colorful society and this is also the case in Buchholz-List. Many different ethnic groups meet here. "I think it's very nice that there are children from the most diverse cultures here," Angielina says. Respect for one another is particularly important to her. The children should not only respect the teachers, but also each other. "They should learn to be helpful even at this young age." For this, the young mother goes to the maximum every day. "Many people think that the job of an educator is easy, that you just look after children. But I can say that there is more to it than that. We always want to develop the children. They should be able to develop freely, and to do that we have to offer enough activities. We have to reflect and describe everything exactly, but very few people know that."