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Kita birthday

The birthday parties are always a real event for the children, the teams and the parents of the daycare centers. There is a festive atmosphere as soon as you enter. The stairways and hallways decorated with garlands give the daycare centers a special atmosphere. The heart of the celebration is the festively decorated multi-purpose room, where the children of each facility gather to congratulate their beloved daycare center. There is dancing, singing and snacking for all it's worth.

Summer party STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8

Happy birthday to us... Happy birthday to us...♪♫♪ Today on 04.10.2022 the Starkita turned 6 years old. This was celebrated commendably in the STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8. There were many nice actions, which were demanded by the children. The children actively participated in the preparation and were able to name a fund of ideas, which were then implemented in the best possible way. The demands were: an Anna & Elsa theme party, Hulk as a special guest, a rainbow cake, tattoos and face painting. What was implemented: A theme party dressed up in Anna and Elsa and superhero costumes. Furthermore, there was face painting and tattoos, as well as a rainbow cake baked by the children themselves. Of course, we invited Hulk himself, who really got the party started. As a highlight, there was a drop net filled with balloons, in white and blue design, as well as other giant balloons that fell down from the ceiling. The children celebrated the music and the balloon rain and had a lot of fun. We sang some birthday songs to the nursery and made the day look like no other.

STARKITA Podbielskistrasse 251

On September 09 we celebrated the birthday of our STARKITA Podbie 251. It has already turned 9 years old.
In order to celebrate this day properly, there was a great and colorful program around the theme "pirates". Already in advance, the groups have dealt with the theme of pirates, so that everyone is well prepared. The daycare center was decorated pirate-like with flags, garlands and balloons.
At the beginning of the day, each group had a delicious breakfast to get everyone ready for the exciting day ahead. In the morning circle, each group unwrapped presents, as it should be for a
birthday, unpacked presents. After that we went on a treasure hunt. Here the children could prove their pirate knowledge with interesting questions, find hidden clues and finally find the treasure in the sports hall. There were also various activities in the individual groups: handicrafts, pirate make-up, dancing to music and, of course, eating delicious food from the buffet. After such an exciting day there was a special lunch; delicious chicken nuggets and croquettes. Of course, a movie was not missing.
We are all looking forward to many more years in STARKITA Podbie 251.

STARKITA Haeckelstr. 10

There was dancing, singing and laughing for the birthday of the STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10. In addition, the birthday candles were blown out, children were made up and balloon animals were knotted. Happy Birthday STARKITA⭐️