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A special trip to the zoo with STARKITA am Rohgraben 8

We have been looking forward to this for a long time. An excursion to the Hanover Zoo with the STARKITA am Rohgraben, we haven't had that for a long time! Despite continuous rain, we did not let it spoil our moods. According to the motto: "There is no bad weather, only wrong clothes" we sang, danced and laughed in the rain. Of course, the focus on this day was on the animals, which the children were really looking forward to. Giraffes, elephants and monkeys were marveled at by our children with great enthusiasm. But the boat trip was also a real highlight for the children, who would have loved to go for another ride right away. But there were still so many exciting things to discover, such as Yukon Bay, where polar bears and sea lions could be admired. At the end of the day, everyone was very exhausted but happy.