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Third force for the crèche groups

STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and STARKITA Podbie 251 get support

The state of Lower Saxony is improving the staffing ratio in crèche groups from January 01, 2015 and provides for a so-called "third force", for which social assistants are envisaged. "We not only relieve the carriers and improve the working conditions in crèches, we also set a clear signal for more quality in early childhood education!" announced the Lower Saxony Minister of Education Frauke Heiligenstadt now at the presentation of the financing plans. (Source: Lower Saxony Institute for Early Childhood Education and Development)

Trägerverein STARKITA e.V. has been able to recruit an additional third person for the daycare centers STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and STARKITA Podbie 251 for the respective daycare group "Gelbe Sternchen" and "die Igel Gruppe" as of August 2014. The new colleagues support the teams with 20 hours a week in the work in the U3 area.