About Starkita GmbH

I have decided in favor of the STARKITA⭐!

After successfully completing my training as an educator at the Birkenhof School, I met STARKITA e.V. as the sponsor of the four daycare centers - now my professional journey began.

Great, competent induction as well as loving support throughout! I am in good hands and feel comfortable with my new employer. After the end of the probationary period, I was given the opportunity to freely develop my pedagogical skills and knowledge. I got to know the daycare management not only as management, but also as an indispensable part of our pedagogical team. In addition, the STARKITA concept is a basic building block and support for me. It is really well thought out, so that there is always something exciting and challenging, both for the children and for us as a team.
I hope to have many more wonderful and exciting moments at STARKITA.