About Starkita GmbH

Working with children is a vocation

Helene worked for us as a social education assistant in the Mozart group. The 40-year-old originally comes from Kazakhstan. Before coming to Germany, she worked as a primary school teacher. Unfortunately, her studies there were not recognized in Germany, but Helene was determined to work as an educator again. For her, working with children is her calling: "Ever since I was a child, I liked children," says Helene.

First mother, then part of the team

Helene got to know STARKITA Am Rohgraben (then Kita Goldfische) when she enrolled her own child there.
"I liked the atmosphere right away," she recalls of the early days. "I then asked if I could do my training there." Helene was not only able to complete her abbreviated training as a social pedagogical assistant at Starkita, she subsequently became a permanent member of the team.

The Starkita is something special

For Helene, it was clear from the very first moment that Starkita was something special. "Even when I arrived here with my baby, I was struck by how warm everyone was," she says. "At Starkita, everything is very child-centered, everyone is very warm. That really impressed me." Helene has also had exclusively positive experiences in her role as an employee. She particularly likes the amount of variety. "Every day here is special. I've been able to meet a lot of great parents and great kids. There's something new every day."

Respect as an educational goal

Helene's stated goal is to teach the children respect for each other and for nature. "For example, I try to teach the children that animals are living beings, too, and you don't hurt them." Equally important, he said, is teaching children to value what they have. "For example, I don't like it when the kids play with food either."