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Experience the forest with STARKITA Podbie🌳

Before our STARKITA Podbie went into the forest, each group did a project on the topic of the forest in advance to prepare us as best as possible for this experience. Here we learned about animals, trees, but also important rules for the forest.

On the first day, everyone meets at the Eilenriede forest station and starts with a delicious breakfast before we go exploring. To start the day full of energy, we did a wake-up session of sports or yoga every morning. For four days, we explored and discovered the nearby Eilenriede forest and its inhabitants. Whether in the forest station, on the Wakitu or in the midst of trees, there was much to see and learn.

The crowning conclusion of this interesting experience in the forest was our forest festival, which took place on our outdoor area. In addition, a slide show ran with photos of the days in the forest and an exhibition showed all the artwork made, which could be admired. This great and fun festival was the perfect ending to our educational week in the forest.