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You have to open your heart - Svetlana, 39 years, STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10

In her work at the KiTa, Svetlana works with all her heart. The social assistant has been part of our association STARKITA e.V. since 2011. However, before she discovered her love for working in the KiTa, she already trained as a gymnastics teacher and worked as a piano player. During this time she also worked with children, as she supported a children's ballet as an accompanying pianist. Svetlana found that she really wanted to continue working with children, so she decided to train as a social assistant. "I enjoy working with children and passing on my experience."

Pass on knowledge

Svetlana has been with STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 from the beginning. STARKITA e.V. aroused her interest right at the start and she was eager for a new challenge. "I am open to new things. I just wanted to give it a try! The multicultural and bilingual kindergarten was very interesting for me, since I also speak Russian myself." The social assistant sees her work at the KiTa as a great opportunity, both for the children and for her personal development "I can pass on my knowledge, my language, my sport, my music. This has also allowed me to further myself. I can also bring a lot to the table from my first training as a gymnastics teacher."

Love for music

Music means a lot to Svetlana and she wants to pass on her love of it to her charges. Early musical education, music and sports activities as well as various projects are a big part of her work at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10. Our annual winter festival is especially close to the social assistant's heart. Svetlana develops choreographies and plays music for the event. Once what she has rehearsed can finally be presented, she is impressed every time. "I put all my strength and heart into the plays. When the play is completed, I am very proud of the children and what they have accomplished." In these moments, Svetlana also greatly appreciates the feedback from parents and grandparents and feels validated in her work: "My work is not in vain."

Open your heart

In her work, Svetlana attaches great importance to the fact that the children and their parents have great trust in her. With a lot of responsibility and a lot of love, she goes about her activities in the KiTa every day. "When you work with children, you also have to open your heart. The children notice that." Some important values the social assistant wants to instill in her charges are independence, a healthy sense of self and responsibility. "We prepare the children for society and the rest of life. The center is parents and family, but after that comes kindergarten, because the children spend a lot of time there as well. We complement the family, but do not replace it. Our work is very important for the children's further life, like school or professional life."

Strong together

But the day-to-day life at the KiTa is also always characterized by positive experiences. Svetlana is particularly happy that the cohesion among the colleagues in our association is so strong and harmonious and that everyone can rely on each other. "I have been working at STARKITA e.V. for a long time and we are like a family. We are friends and there is a very good atmosphere. Even when things get more stressful, we manage it together and support each other."
Svetlana continues to feel the need to learn new things and further her education in working with children. For this reason, she is aiming to start training as an educator soon: "I definitely want to develop professionally. It will be stressful, but I'm looking forward to it. The profession is right up my alley."