About Starkita GmbH

A roundabout way to a daycare job

Natali has been with the Starkita since it opened four years ago. As a social pedagogical assistant, she supports the Seestern group. After the birth of her daughter, the trained tailor decided to change her career. An internship brought her to the Starkita and after the end of her training, the 38-year-old was then also taken on by us.

"My environment recommended this field of work to me".

"At first, I didn't think I could do this job," Natali says. "But in my circle of acquaintances, a lot of people work in this profession and they recommended this field of work to me." After Natali was able to gain many positive experiences with her own daughter, she felt confident enough in dealing with children to take this path. Today, she is certain that this decision was the right one. "I am very happy that I dared to get involved in something completely new," she says.

At Starkita the employees are appreciated

Natali feels very comfortable at her new workplace. "What's special about Starkita is clearly the family atmosphere and the transparency we have here. We have a say, we can make decisions." Natalie and her colleagues can also count on the support of the daycare management and the board of directors when they have questions or problems.
Natali has been pleasantly surprised by the cordial way they interact with each other. She especially thinks back fondly on her birthday. "They really came up with something special. There was a big cake from all the daycare centers, I was given flowers, the board and all my colleagues congratulated me. I really didn't expect that."

"The educator profession comes with a lot of responsibility"

In her new job, Natali has to pay attention to many things. She sees the daycare team and the children as a community. It is crucial "that we are fair to each other, that we can solve problems and conflicts, and that we share," she says. In addition to treating each other with respect, it is important to Natali to teach the children to be independent. "Before they come to me for every problem, I want them to try to solve it themselves first."
The fact that people unfamiliar with the subject often underestimate her profession is not unusual for Natali. Many people would label her profession with phrases like, "All they do is drink coffee." They don't see how much responsibility, self-discipline, creativity and patience are involved in the profession of educator.