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Alina raves about the STARKITA quality management manual

Since 2017, Alina has been working as a social pedagogical assistant in the Chameleon group and since August 2021, she has taken over the management of the STARKITA Podbie 251. She came to the Starkita through her internship as part of her training as a social pedagogical assistant. After her training, she was eager to return to Starkita and applied for a job with us.

Quality management is a great thing

A particular challenge for Alina in her work recently has been the quality management of the Starkita. "In 2020, there was a quality management audit for which we prepared intensively for two years." The quality management manual that the Starkitas created together is a really great thing for Alina. "We created it and live it exactly the same way. Parents, children, staff, you can feel it everywhere," she says.

Promoting exchange with the right concept

"With this manual, we have standardized. All four Starkitas work according to the same principles." The many advantages that the QM manual brings have completely convinced Alina. "Everyone has the same daily routine, we work across groups, in some cases even across daycare centers. This promotes the exchange of ideas and methods to approach certain situations well." She praises the entire concept of the Starkita. "In addition to the advanced training that is offered to us, we also have the opportunity to motivate and exchange ideas with each other. We really appreciate all of that."

Complaints are development opportunities

The training courses have also given employees a new approach to complaints, enabling them to deal with them in a completely different way. " We now call them complaints, requests and suggestions. Normally, people think that complaints are inherently negative. That's wrong. We now see them much more as opportunities for development. It's an opportunity to develop further, to accept suggestions for improvement, to learn something new. "She was extremely enthusiastic about the training in general: "We learned at the training sessions how to approach a situation like this step by step. That gives you extreme confidence. I think that's really great."