About Starkita GmbH

STARKITA e.V. is like my home -Elena, 44 years, management at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10

The trained educator Elena has found a home at STARKITA e.V.. She works as a director in our STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 and has been with us since the foundation of our association. When she came to Germany from Ukraine 20 years ago, she did not know that she would help pave the way for the development of the association. In her job Elena flourishes and can pass on her creativity and joy to her protégés. Everyday life at the KiTa is characterized by tolerance and lots of ideas, and the educator is very happy about her work in a great team.

The path to the StarKita

In her home country, Ukraine, Elena graduated with a degree in civil engineering. But in Germany, she discovered her love for the pedagogical career path. Together with a friend, she began training as a social assistant and then also as a kindergarten teacher. After five years, Elena completed this and was ready for something new. She learned from an acquaintance that they were looking for people who would take over a kindergarten in order to found an association. Since Elena and her friend had also dreamed of having their own kindergarten, this was exactly the opportunity they had been waiting for. So the association STARKITA e.V. was founded and Elena was part of it from the beginning.

Creativity and happiness

The KiTa manager can use all her skills perfectly in her job. As an educator, Elena has the opportunity to give free rein to her creativity. Especially at our annual winter festival, Elena can express herself creatively. Together with the colleagues and children, our association puts on something wonderful every year. A play with singing and dancing is rehearsed and practiced intensively for two months. "We get costumes, collect music and write a script. It's a lot of fun and we laugh and dance a lot." When the time comes and the children can present the play, it is also always associated with many feelings of happiness for Elena. "The parents are also happy about it. The children are proud and we are proud." For child development, Elena also sees a great benefit in this project: "It's fascinating to see how the children act together, especially on this day. Not only are we as educators a team, but the children are also a team and take care of each other. You then see these little people as independent individuals." Even long after the winter festival, the children still remember the music and even sing the songs.

Found a home

But everyday life at STARKITA Haeckelstraße 10 is also always filled with positive experiences for Elena. Every day at the KiTa begins with a group meeting. The daily routine is discussed and planned excursions or projects are discussed. The KiTa director does a lot of office work, but she also spends her working day in the various groups with the children and colleagues. "It's always very different, I can be active in any group. You are always on the move and full of ideas and with people around you who also help to implement the ideas." Throughout her career at STARKITA e.V., Elena has never thought of going anywhere else, because here she experiences "absolute freedom and absolute supportin her everyday work. " The cohesion in the KiTa can be felt every day "I've been at STARKITA e.V. since the beginning and it's my home."

Important values

The profession of educator also involves a great deal of patience, energy and time, which outsiders unfortunately often underestimate. "I always feel sorry when I hear people say "educators don't do anything, they just drink coffee and do handicrafts. People who have never practiced this profession can't know how much love and heart you put into it."
For parents, childcare in the KiTa can also be a great relief in everyday life.
In her work as a kindergarten teacher at STARKITA e.V., Elena always wants to pass on important values to the children. Essentially important for her is the teaching of tolerance. "Our KiTa is multicultural. We have many religions with us and many languages are spoken. Some children are quadrilingual. That's really fascinating." Regardless of the children's home, the little ones can simply be children at the KiTa. "I attach a lot of importance to the fact that they can remain children. Even when they grow up and become adults later on, I hope they can still remember these values. Human is just human, regardless of culture and background, you should respect everyone and be considerate no matter where you come from."
This is what STARKITA e.V. stands for and Elena also emphasizes, "Our facility warmly welcomes everyone and is open to all people."