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Project "Children's rights
at the STARKITA Anderterstr. 129D

In our work, we show them every day that our children have rights, but children rarely experience and assert their rights themselves. With the four-week project "WE have rights!" we want to show the children what rights they have and internalize them together in four steps.

Project week 1: What is a "right" and what rights do I have as a child?

In this step, we discussed what children's rights are. The children were able to contribute their knowledge and the adults, together with Lilly, the hand puppet, visualized the rights in a role play.

Project week 2: What rights do I have here in kindergarten?

Now we remembered what rights there are and then discussed what that means for our everyday life in the kindergarten. Then we rehearsed role plays in small groups and acted them out for each other.

Project week 3: We have a say! But how?

We have established a children's parliament. The children can change rules here if they comply with the following:
a) The majority of the children must vote for a change.
b) At least one educator must be persuaded
c) The management must not have any objections
In this way, cooperation takes place on an equal footing.

Project week 4: The children's parliament meets

The theory is done and our first meeting has taken place.
The children were able to agree and together they successfully changed the first rule.
Parliament will be held every Friday from now on.