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The STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8 has started the project "Research and discovery" on the topic of sounds and noises

In April, the STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8 started the project "Research and Discover" on the topic of sounds and noises.

The little and big ones can now spend two months researching, experimenting and discovering around the topic. In cooperation with "Forscher-Kids" Hannover, we have been provided with a "discovery box". This box contains many different materials, instruments and other things with which the children can experiment with sounds and noises.
The project will take place in April and May.

In the context of this offer of the "Forscher-Kids" we have set ourselves a big goal.
We would like to apply for certification as a "House of Little Researchers"!
Content from the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology (MINT) or from education for sustainable development should be an integral part of the children's everyday life at the facility.
With the certification we want to achieve that the children are enabled to have a good early education in the MINT area.

Two pedagogical specialists take part in advanced training courses of "Forscher-Kids" and take over the planning and implementation of the project, with which we want to obtain the certification.