About Starkita GmbH

The STAR HEROES of everyday life

In order to be able to guarantee a smooth and good process, a close cooperation of the entire multiprofessional team is necessary. Especially the colleagues who work in the background are an important part of our team. Our work is supported by a cook and a kitchen assistant on site, as well as a janitor and a cleaner.

STARKITA Haeckelstr. 10

Our competent kitchen team takes care of the physical well-being and healthy food. The food for our small and large guests is prepared fresh and kosher daily by our in-house cook. The kitchen help actively supports you and also ensures order and hygiene in the housekeeping area. Our janitor performs manual work and thus takes care of the maintenance of our KiTa. His tasks include clearing the paths in winter, maintaining the safety of the KiTa at all times, as well as the maintenance of the outdoor area and the greenery.The cleaning staff of the house ensures the implementation of the hygiene plan. Her duties include conscientious cleaning and maintenance of the entire facility, as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere.

STARKITA Podbie 251

We must not forget to mention our janitor, Waldemar März.
He is simply wonderful and sees our every wish from our lips.
Like here, for example: "We needed a portable cup rack and he just built it for us himself".
THANK YOU for existing!

Our cook, Natalia Panafidina, and her kitchen assistant, Svetlana Lange, conjure up a nutritious meal for us every time using fresh and healthy products. The children also wait patiently at the kitchen door until the delicious food is ready. For this we would like to say THANK YOU.
We would also like to say THANK YOU to our dear cleaning ladies, Dagmar Rambow and Svitlana Shapinska. From the ceiling lamp to the skirting board you always clean everything so neatly and mostly when nobody sees it - late in the evening or early in the morning.

STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8

The much sought-after, always called in a hurry, that is the janitor
- our man for all cases -.
Thank you Dima, you are our hero, the best janitor in this world!
Whether noodles or mashed potatoes, all this cooks our great kitchen fairies! Shopping, preparation and planning, you get everything done, because without your treats, we start to spin.
Thank you Lena, thank you Claudia, you make our bellies full, keep it up, that's great!

STARKITA Anderterstr. 129 D

We would like to say THANK YOU to our colleagues who make our work easier and support us with full energy!
Our janitor, Mr. Vitalij Panafidin, who, during the reopening, took care of the assembly of all the furniture in our nursery and provides us with a safe place to work every day!
Mr. Waldemar März, who beautifully designed and painted our small terrace for the crèche groups!
Our cooks, Mrs. Adriana Paraschiv and Irina Usova, who cook us balanced and fresh food every day and make sure that we lack for nothing!
Our cleaning lady, Mrs. Katharina Heckel, for whom hygiene is the first priority. After working hours, she cleans the daycare center and brings it back to shape after the chaotic workday, so that we can come to a clean facility every morning.

THANK YOU our everyday heroes! Without you, everyday life would not be mastered!