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Alessandra about the training at STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8

Our aim is to show our new colleagues the structure of the company, to provide orientation and to create a framework in which they can develop their strengths in order to take responsibility for their new work assignment and to achieve competence as quickly as possible. These guidelines are intended to assist you during your induction phase. The management and a "mentor" from among the employees of the daycare center will accompany you during the orientation period. The basis for a good and trusting cooperation is, among other things, openness, interest and patience.

What was your first impression of the STARKITA Am Rohgraben 8?

On the day of the visit, I immediately noticed how structured and organized everything is. The daycare center has a fixed daily routine that the children can easily follow. This also gave me a sense of orientation in the early days. In addition, great attention is paid to hygiene here. Everything is clean in the rooms, which is partly taken care of by the employees themselves.
I also like the fact that the children are offered a wide range of activities and projects. My first impression has also remained to this day."

How did the team welcome you on your first day and how were you supported in your induction?

The team welcomed me in an open and friendly manner. The fact that the employees approached me made me feel welcome and in good hands. The team always helped me with questions about organizational matters, such as the structure of the task list or the course of projects.

How useful has the familiarization concept been for me?

The general structure and organization at STARKITA alone helped me a lot to find my way around and to find my place and tasks in the team.
Nevertheless, it was super pleasant for me to sit together with the daycare management and reflect on the familiarization phases. I was able to clarify unanswered questions, go into more detail and also had the opportunity to give new impulses.
On the whole, the induction concept offers a "roadmap" that you can follow and work through. That can take the pressure off the new employees. "

How do you currently feel?

I have become an integral part of the Seahorse group and I also feel very comfortable in the overall team.
I am currently experiencing the staff exchange and am positively surprised that you are taken along in each of the STARKITAs. Every single employee is cordial and open, always gets you on board and is attentive. All employees approach their work with such motivation, which makes it clear to me that working at STARKITA is a lot of fun!
For me, being a part of STARKITA is a great and valuable experience."